Configuration and Maintenance

Cloud Engineering skillset:

Amazon Web Services, Apache Hadoop, Bash, BIOS, Chef, CloudFlair, Cloud Foundry, cPanel, Debian Linux, DNS, Emacs, Ettercap, FileZilla, Firewall administration, golang, Juju, LAMP, Linux Forensics, MySQL, Nagios, Nano, Nettool, Network security, OpenBSD, OpenStack, phpMyAdmin, Puppet, RackSpace, Ruby, Shell scripting, Ubuntu Linux, Unix, Virtualization, Wireshark.

Ubuntu Server configuration

Server Setup:
Installation of cloud server and bare metal server. Apache web server running LAMP. Initial services configuraton. Command line and file configuration editing. Software updates and management.

Server Security:
User management, permissions, file ownership, quota, Fail2Ban configuration, firewalls, and AppArmor. Advanced server and database backup techniques, imaging. Firewall table tools, packet filtering, port access, and IP masquerading.

Maintenance programming

Unix-like server platforms, specializing in Ubuntu Linux Server, Debian Linux, and OpenBSD.  Manage directories, performance monitoring, tuning, patching and upgrading OS levels. Unix Security. Root superuser settings control. Permissions, authentication, and cryptography algorithm understanding. Risk assessment, and policy review for server security.


Network security, internet security, backup recovery, file system monitoring, and log file auditing.

Mainteanace contract available for ongoing routine security upgrades and monitoring.


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