As a coder consultantPM writes and maintains software. Expertise includes app and network architecture extending from computer systems to data centers. consultantPM applies cautious design and practical monitoring techniques to reduce risk.

Data Center

consultantPM utilizes a cautiously practical software systems regiment, which distinguishes him among software developers. Data center work involves careful adherence to redundantly sustaining layered procedures. System Administrators refer to these traits as “hardened”. Gearheads will recognize the term “heavy duty”. A flattering writer would pen the words “wizard genius”.

Network Architecture

75% of programmers may not understand how to defensively prepare systems architecture for better odds at surviving todays cybercriminal attacks. While there continues to be steady worldwide reports of the traditional novice type of misguided hackers arrested by authorities, those are the minority actually caught and flaunted to the media. The majority of cybercrimes are undetected. These days it is common knowledge that computer network vulnerabilities are dangerously exploited by world powers attacking with military grade heavy duty precision and well funded crazy wizard genius tactics.

Computer Systems

For small scale projects consultantPM may leverage computer systems hosted on equipment from industry standard providers. For larger projects consultantPM incorporates high end database service monitoring by traditional enterprise level server machine providers.


consultantPM develops an idea into an app by designing from the server. Nowadays the ubiquitous internet displays on most devices. Starting design work from the server eliminates the amount of additional specialized OS and hardware porting projects.


consultantPM is a service of SoftwarePM